Robotic Hand

Me and my partner are stil working on the robotic hand in Robotics Club. We’re not exactly what we’re going to have it accomplish once it is built. Please leave comments on this post if you have any good ideas. Anything is accepted. Nothing will get laughed at. Maybe. If it does, it will get laughed at in a good way, if you come up with something funny. Anything serious would be nice as well. Please title subject “Suggestions For RoboHand”. Thx.

The Joseph A. Foran High School Robotics Class/Club

I believe that the Robotics Class for the 2008/2009 school year was the biggest hit. It seemed like it would be really cool, just building robots the whole half-year. However, once you got into the class, you were faced with many challenges. Literally. You had to design a robot that could do all of the following, but not at the same time: follow a black line in a track formation, follow a maze using touch, sound, and ultrasonic sensors (at the same time), and play tug of war with another robot. It was very challenging, yet fun at the same time. Let us hope that The Man (Mr. Adams) will have a great lineup for the greatly awaited Robotics 2 course.

     However, you don’t have to stop there. You can continue your building in the Robotics Club after school. Here, you can come up with your own challenges, which are usually much more difficult. Right now, me and a friend are working on creating a fully-appendaged robotic hand that can open and close all four fingers and thumb, point at someone and wag it’s finger, and even offend people with obscene gestures. In the robotics Club, you have to really get into it and figure things out, escpecially since you’re making your own challenge, so you have to design your robot from scratch, with no book instructions. This is where you show how good you really are at …